Oh not that old

As someone who hates shopping, I try to take care of my things so that I won’t have to shop for its replacement in case I wear it out or lose it. This is why the phrases “from ages ago” and “I can’t remember where I got these” pop up lots of times in this blog.

This applies to these earrings. I might have inherited them from my mom or one of my aunts, because I’m not sure I’d buy this myself. When I had long hair, I didn’t wear it often because it felt a little too over-accessorized whenever I wore it. Fortunately, I still had them until now, because these earrings really work with my short hair! Yay for failed attempts to purge my wardrobe of unused things!

In this photo, I’m also wearing a tiered necklace that I actually bought from Landmark, and a graphic tee from Circle C.

Title from “If You Build It” by Air Traffic Controller

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