Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way

Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way

I couldn’t resist.

For yet another Tangled screening, I put flowers in my hair again. No flowy princess blouse or any Flynn Rider satchel this time, but I did put my hair in braids.

I’ve forever loved braids, but…the reality is: braids and my hair don’t mix. No matter how I tug or keep my hands steady, my hair slips out of the braids. And even if I do manage to braid my hair, the tie always slides off too early for my liking. *sigh*

BUT I wanted to try braids today, so with the help of water and hair cuticle wax and pins and pins and pins (and my pretty flowers!) VIOLA! Yey braids!

I found a Rapunzel braid tutorial video the other week, and though my hair wasn’t even close to long enough for the whole thing, I at least got the Dutch lace braid down. Haha! (I finished the microbraids, too, but the English braid kept unravelling. So no English braids, and I just let the little guys get lost in the ponytail. Awww~

Title from “Something That I Want”, Grace Potter. From the Tangled Soundtrack.


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