there’s something to remember and something to forget

there's something to remember and something to forgetSuperstar Shirt, Myx, SM Department Store, P275 (many, many years ago). Cardigan vest, Circle C.

I think I mentioned before: blue is my favorite color. Also, the star is my favorite shape. Therefore, put them together in a rocking shirt (most preferably using denim), and I’ll probably love it forever.

I bought this during the time when baby tees were the thing (and low-rise jeans weren’t). That time, I willingly wore this shirt outside.

Today, though, it looks teeny tiny on me, and I haven’t worn it in more than a year. The quality’s still good, though, so I didn’t want to wear it out while inside the house. I figured that this shirt, one that served me well for years, might serve somebody else for more.

So I reluctantly put it on sale… and sadly sighed when another girl bought it. I just hope she’ll love it as much as I did.

Title from “Great Divide”, The Cardigans.

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