You are young and the world is open

You are young and the world is open

So many words you’ve never spoken
Don’t be afraid to stand your ground
When your time it comes around

-” Time and Space”, The Accidental

Today we had a photo shoot with our friend Veejay Jimenez. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have one, but I’ve never actually tried to have one. (I’m excluding my self-portraits here.) Until when I asked Veejay if we could try it just for fun. Haha!

Let me say this: Veejay? He is awesome. Although I felt like I was treading in unknown waters at first, he made it look like we were pros! I totally recommend him to you guys. Oh, and he shoots events, too!

This here is a behind the scenes shot by Vanj. I’ll post the real photos by Veejay later.

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