the only way to really know is to really let it go

‘Coz maybe, in the future, you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back around
– “Maybe”, Ingrid Michaelson

You know how, sometimes, you see an outfit and you say, “Oooh what a nice outfit! But I’ll never wear it myself. EVER”? Yeah, that happens to me all the time.

So my spring cleaning room overhaul has led to unearthing old clothes and creating new combinations for my stuff, like the one I wore yesterday. It has also led to the discovery that I had every piece necessary for me to wear one of the outfits that I said I’ll never wear. Ever.

But since I also said yesterday that we should use what we have in our closets, I am now staring at my outfit for tomorrow. Dreading wearing it, but at the same time feeling strangely giddy. Weird combination, that.

Here’s a preview. Yes, I actually tried it on just to get the feel of it. I’m posting it now to keep myself from backing out.

Boots from ukay sa Crossing. P400.

My Chucks look lonely.

the only way to really know is to really let it go


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