say goodbye to before

say goodbye to beforeMe sorting through new, sorta new, and old clothes. I obviously wasn’t ready for a photo.

Every summer, there’s a week when we rummage through our stuff to sort out, organize, and discard…stuff. You can call this spring cleaning (I know I do) even though we technically don’t have spring in the Philippines.

Usually, when I attempt to reorganize my room, I tend to start with my closet, mostly because that’s where it’s easiest to stuff things I don’t use anymore. More often than not, I’d  find more than one piece of clothing that I haven’t worn in a year. And, more often that not, I’d just refold it and tell myself that I’ll use it soon. I usually don’t. And then my mom would remind me that I should really get rid of those clothes so I’ll have space for new ones. I usually say that I don’t need the space for new ones because I don’t really new ones because the clothes I still have are perfectly fine.

But she has a perfectly good point.

And, with this whole non-shopper project, I am starting to shop more, so I’m starting to need the space like my mom said.

So, this year, when I did my spring cleaning, I decided with conviction that I was going to get rid of the clothes I don’t use anymore, and use ALL the clothes I was going to keep.

One whole day after starting and I’m not even halfway done. It’s a pretty hard task: deciding whether or not to discard clothes that are still in pretty good condition. Like I said before, I take care of my clothes. Also, going online and looking for ways to use my old clothes in a current fashion trend also takes a lot of time. Let’s see what happens in the coming days, yes?

Title from “Bye Bye Bye”, Plants and Animals.


    1. Haha! Yes, indeed! After so many years and so many spring cleanings, that shirt remains in my closet. It’s so comfyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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