Out of these shadows comes the light

Out of these shadows comes the light You will keep
Keep me in this evening
Even though
You are not here with me

– Shadows, Rufus Wainwright

Pink senseless shirt from Tiendesitas. And when I say senseless, I mean senseless. Even more senseless than lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. It starts with “remlsp spsy…” and goes on to even more letters that seriously cannot be words.


I threw it on today on the way to band practice. And then the heat gave me a ┬ámigraine headache, thus the haggard hair, lazy face, and even lazier lighting…which turned out to be pretty nice. Wheeee! Thank you, VJ, for teaching me how to work shadows. Eeeeeee I LOVE IT! (And I am so loving my new curtains for my window, too.)

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