And if you were here then I’d have a choice to live, not be alone

And if you were here then I'd have a choice to live, not be alone

Chips Ahoy tee, Circle C. Jag jeans. Chucks. Tomato watch.

Nothing new or spectacular here in terms of my clothes. Just playing around with the stone…thingies…while waiting for our photo shoot.

For the title I wanted to use something with a three monkeys feel…or something. Ah, but it takes too much time to hunt down the lyrics I want sometimes, and I wanted to post this already. So there.

In case anyone’s wondering, here’s how I pick my titles.

1.) Stare at the photo and wait for a song to magically pop in my head.

2.) Continue (1) until you get impatient.

3.) If nothing happens, make a randomized playlist and wait for a song lyric that can somehow be related to the photo.

4.) Continue doing (3) until successful.

5.) Write the blog post.

LOL. So, yes, I pick a title first before the blog post. Because, really, looking for a song lyric for an already written blog post is HARD.

So…yes. Title from “Winter ’05”, Ra Ra Riot. Yes, I’m aware it isn’t winter anymore (as if it’s ever winter in the Philippines), but that is not the point.

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