she’s touring the facility and picking up slack

she's touring the facility and picking up slackBrown turtleneck from that ukay beside Lolo Oboy’s, P120. Silver necklace with G-clef pendant, Cebu airport. Watch. Slacks.

Huh. I’m discovering that maybe I actually look okay in turtlenecks. Huh. Interesting. It kind of makes me look like a boss-type lady, if I match it with a sort of frown like this one. Haha! It makes me wonder if I’ll look even more bossy if I wore a pencil skirt and killer hills with this. Hmmmmm.

And, by the way, this blouse? It’s in near perfect condition. Pretty good for its price!

About the photo
Look at the cute magnets between me and the SUCCESS note on the wall. Haha!

Taken at 6 PM at the office. Thus the low lighting again. *sigh* I already tried to do color correction and lessen the yellow hue, but this is the best I can do. Any Photoshop tips, anyone?

Title from “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”, Cake.


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