honey, I swear, your love is my repair

honey, I swear, your love is my repairGreen empire blouse. Black tank. Necklace from my mom. Two-sided belt. Heartstrings bag. Jag jeans.

I think I’ve said before that most of my references say that I should stay away from smock dresses and empire blouses. I’ve been having trouble with this one in particular. On some days it looked fine, but in other days (particularly the days when I felt bloated) I looked…bloated. I realized just today, after taking a few photos of me in it, that maybe it’s one size too small for me.

You can go, “how can you not realize that?” Well, here’s the thing. I bought it a year or two ago. I thought it looked fine even though its size was Medium (I’m usually a Large). It certainly felt (and still feels) fine. So since I already had it on, and I was already having myself a shoot, I figured I could just do something about it.

Denim belt to the rescue!

I don’t usually do this with my belts, but for this ensemble it felt right. Er…Is it right? Or should I just get rid of the blouse and look for another one with the right size?

Title from “My Repair”, The Noises 10.


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