whenever there’s fun there’s always Coca-Cola

whenever there's fun there's always Coca-ColaCoca-Cola tee, Circle C, P100. Jag jeans. Gold heart necklace, Guadalupe bangketa, P50.

Okay, so I’m sort of refraining from drinking Coke as if it was water since I’m hyperacidic and I’ve got a heart thingy and all that, BUT I STILL LOVE COKE.

And even if I do completely stop drinking Coke, there’s nothing wrong with having it on my shirt, yes? ;p

Heee~ These shirts are making me look slimmer than I actually am.

About the photo
My pose kinda made my jeans ride lower than they should lol. Good thing my shirt’s long.

Title from “Always Coca-Cola”, Joey Diggs

And because I’m feeling nostalgic:



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