let me, let me, let me get what I want this time

let me, let me, let me get what I want this timeSave Ferris shirt, $20, 80stees.com. Given to me by Ate Cass. Wheeee~ <3 I love this shirt. For its history, its simplicity, its length, and for its cloth. It’s so comfyyyyyy!

I had my much-needed day off today. I threw on this much-loved shirt on the way back to the apartment. I realized how fitting the shirt was for the day only after the shoot. Haha!

Shirt inspired by Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Post title from “Please, Please, Please Let My Get What I Want”, The Smiths. Because the instrumental version by Dream Academy used in the movie is LOVE.

About the photo
I discovered a new shooting venue. It’s not as versatile as the other venues I use, but if ever I need a silhouette shot, this rarely-used fire escape will do the trick, methinks. Partly because of the rusty windows, but mostly because it faces West. Haha! (That’s the sun behind me right there.) Outtakes here and here

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