Car je suis l’amoureuse, oui je suis l’amoureuse

Fact#1: I love t-shirts.
Fact#2: I’m a Chuck fangirl.

During the Chuck tweetup tonight, Happy gave me the Chuck logo printed in reverse on transfer paper. And also the Team Bartowski print I wanted on a shirt.


Chuck t-shirt. I'm making one.
Chuck t-shirts. I’m gonna make them.

I don’t know how yet, but if—nay, WHEN—you see me in a Chuck t-shirt in this blog, then you know I was successful. Or, since I’ve never ironed a print on a shirt before and that photo right there was the first time I ever SAW transfer paper, maybe I failed miserably and just got somebody else to make the shirts for me. I’ll let you know.

Title from “L’Aamoureuse”, Carla Bruni.

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