Well honey I sing about you

Well honey I sing about youViolet smock, Unica Hija, inherited from my mom. Jag jeans. Hemp sandals, Circle C, P250.

My outfit for today as we led praise and worship in church, except I wore my boots on stage. But I changed into the sandals because (1) they look better for this shot, and (2) my feet were starting to hurt from jumping around in boots with 2-inch high heels.

I read somewhere that smock tops weren’t recommended for my body type, but the people around me seem to like seeing me in smock tops. Hehe. This one especially. Every time I wear this, people give props to my outfit. Without fail.

About the photo
Had a shoot at the side of UP Diliman’s Film Insitute while waiting for my family. I tried several trial shots, but this one worked best, I think.

Title from “I Bloom Blaum”, Coldplay.

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