I’m tired but I’m working

I'm tired but I'm working

Green blouse, DEI, West Avenue, P200? I can’t remember anymore.

So. I remember now why Project365 is a challenge. And I’m not even a month in. Haha! I think I better plan my posts. Last weekend’s trip really made me late and stuff. But I press on!!!!

Today I wore this green top. (I’m not sure if it’s a blouse or a shirt.) It isn’t very corporate-y, but I wore it anyway because all my other clothes were in the laundry. I bought it in the West Avenue branch of DEI when they had one of their season sales.

About the photo
Before going home, I asked our resident photographer to help me shoot because I tired my brains out today. and, darn it, I LOVE THIS SHOT. If only I had a better camera to do him justice.

I think I need to trim my hair.

Title from “Hand in my Pocket”, Alanis Morissette

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