Get up, I gotta go to work

get up, I gotta go to workThis here is our Monday uniform. (Yes, I am a web programmer, and yes, we have a uniform. We’re all professional-like like that.) It’s my favorite one in the set, and I thought I’d get a photo wearing it before we start fitting for our new uniforms for 2010. Our tailor for this set was Adi Velasquez.

By the way, who else had a terrible time trying to get up early for work this morning? I know I did! But, thank goodness, I wasn’t late. I even had time for breakfast! But I forgot my make-up kit on my dresser. Darn it.

Title from “Outside Villanova”, Eric Hutchinson, my track of the morning.

About the photo
Rush photography in the office when everybody else went downstairs for lunch. Propped my cellphone on a rack of CD spindles. Graaah I knew I was going to start having a hard time with this once work starts. Ah, but I press on!!!


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