Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams

Believe, oh, please believe in all your wild dreams“The well is full and you can fill your cup.”
– Hearts and Minds, Matt Pond PA

I didn’t really like shirts with big flowers sewn into them…except this one. Not that I had anything against big flowers, it’s just… I was more for the plain t-shirts or rock girl-ish designs. (And plain corporate blouses, of course, for work.) I believe this top was bought for me by my mom—gosh, when was that? I can’t remember anymore. There was a time when this was the girliest thing I wore on normal days. (Of course I was girlier in formal events and stuff.) But now, I think I have several girlier tops. Hehe. Who would’ve thought, eh?

About the photo
Bright sun + overcast noon sky + orange bricks + my lumix = this photo. I HEART MY NEW LUMIX.

I hate my hair today, by the way.


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