And you sang a tune to make me smile

And you sang a tune to make me smile

Knit blouse, unbranded, P250. JackSon jeans, P250. Mother of pearl bracelet, P100(?). All from Circle C.

My top was originally 280, but I asked the sales lady to bring it down to 250. She said yes almost immediately. DARN IT. I should have asked for 200, instead! Ah, I have much to learn about haggling.

I realize now that I’m growing increasingly fond of stripes. I also realize that Circle C is now my favorite shopping place. I must blog about it soon.

About the Photo
I don’t know why I still held on to the empty plate. Useless details galore in this photo, but whatever. LOL. This was right before lunch at a friend’s house, and my officemates kept passing by. Which is a good thing, because they made me laugh.

Title from “Coast is Clear” by In-flight Safety.


  1. So this is what you guys were doing outside. LOL. Stripes look good on you. Stripes look good on ppl with squared shoulders, I think. What is Circle C? I wish I could buy P250 pair jeans!

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