And another one comes down

And another one comes downI wasn’t planning on posting this. Honestly, I don’t like our Tuesday uniform very much. But then my friends told me to post it, anyway, than post nothing.

So. This is our Tuesday, also by Adi Velasquez. Being a winter, pastels don’t really suit me. BUT one thing I like about this uniform is that, every time I wear it, I can loudly declare that I’m a geek in the pink. Because it’s true.

About the photo
Shot past 5 in the afternoon, when I realized that if I didn’t do something, I was not going to have a blog post for the day. So I ran to our staircase to get a couple of shots while the sun quickly set outside. Gaaaaah chasing the sunlight. It’s a hard thing to do.

Had to to a bit of color correction to make the bluish hue of our staircase into a warmer one, instead. Hopefully my skin doesn’t appear burnt this time. LOL.

Title from “Let Your Love Grow Tall”, Passion Pit. Just because I love the song.

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